Download Oracle Permission Generator

The Oracle Permission Generator is a handy application that has been designed to offer the user with full privileges to control Oracle databases. The platform allows management of objects in an easy manner while solving the problems of synchronization with REVOKE and GRANT statements. The several features of the software includes allowing permissions for database management using a simple graphical format, sync maintenance and synonyms, rollback and rollout features, reversal of changes in case initial stand is required, a complete repository of database objects as a store, portable XML format, creation of iterative versions for synonyms and scripts and supporting a development lifecycle for database schemas.

The software comes totally bug free and the latest updates contain various fixes and security and functional improvements that will be of huge help for the user. Database management is made so much simpler with the Oracle Permission Generator as you have access to the files that would otherwise have taken a lot of programming and query generation.

The Oracle Permission Generator is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 7 64-bit and requires Oracle and MS.NET Framework 2.0 installed in the system. The platform has been developed by Alastair Wyse and is available as a freeware. This software does not effect the functionality of the system or the processing speed in any form.

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