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Keep Tool Hora is a business based software application used for database management and allied operations. This software application has been designed and developed by KeepTool. It is a very systematic and robust tool packed with vital features. Keep Tool Hora has a inbuilt navigation property which allows the user to choose one particular database feature which he or she would like to work up on. The user can then click on a given tab and thud drill down on the object chosen. Most of the editing work which needs to be implemented in the database can be accomplished by simply clicking on the right button of the mouse with the pointer being fixed on the grid. The users can then finalize or edit the SQL command which has been created before implementing it.

The software offers amazing compatibility to its users. Keep Tool Hora is compatible with windows 7 and windows 8 version of the operating system and similarly works well with other popular versions of the operating system. With the help of a very robust data transferring system, users can either export or import data into different formats such XLS, CSV, XML, etc. This software tool minimizes the extra effort and time requirement and thus enables user to manage data with great convenience.

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