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iLastic is a very vital and useful business based software application. This software application has been designed and developed by iLastic. It has been programmed for specific use in the database management related processes. This software application is an open source framework. Users can run this software application to generate query, combine and control any format of data in English.

Users can extract data from the web and collate all the information collected. The information can also be collected from other files or databases.
All this can be done by making use of the most commonly spoken language i.e. English. Unlike other software programs, this software application avoids all the complexity and difficulty in operating it. Users who are not professional developers can make good use of this software application.

Any format of data can be accessed through this software application. Whether the data is an Excel spreadsheet or a sales contact or an e-mail, every data set is referred to as item. All the items can be managed and controlled by writing normal easy to understand English sentences. The compatibility feature of iLastic enables users to run this software program on any computer comprising windows operating system. Popular versions like windows 7 and windows 8 support this software effectively.

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