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Guestbook Generator is a business based database management software tool designed and developed by Ur I.T. Mate Group. This software application does not require the user to have specialized knowledge on HTML or ASP. With the help of Guestbook Generator, users can establish their own guestbook in quick and easy steps.

The best part is that this software tool enables users to create guestbook without a database. Hence it is known as a database’ less guestbook. One can create his or her own guestbook on the internet. The whole concept is based on cloud computing. The process involved is very easy and least time consuming. This software application is a very innovative and useful tool that can come handy to them who need to keep their contacts in an organized manner. It can be used by businesses functioning across various domains. Especially for businesses which are involved into hospitality and related practices, this software can be of great use.

The compatibility feature in Guestbook Generator offers quite a lot. Users can find this software to be easily compatible with all the major versions of the windows operating system including windows 7 and windows 8. The operational and functional compatibility offered by this software tool is simply amazing. Users can also customize their guestbook appearance by using the various themes available.

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