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One of the most robust and optimized software solutions for major database management related practices has been programmed and developed by ezViz. This software application is known as ezViz Office. With the help of this software application users can envision real-time, cloud or static data. This software application enables users to create elaborative graphical presentations sourced from excel data as well as cloud data.
Users can run data queries by making optimized usage of highly interactive visualizations to source key information. With the aim to explain the observation and analysis, users can collate all the data and present it by transferring high resolution pictures of treemaps, scatterplots, bar graphs and heatmaps to major business based applications such as excel, power point, outlook and word. Users can prepare highly optimized interactive dashboards and customize with different structure, patterns and different trends.
This software application has been packed with simple yet very vital features for accomplishing tasks in accurate and precise manner. Users can make good use of its compatibility feature. This software application functions efficiently with all major version of the windows operating system. this includes versions like windows 7 and windows 8. Large number of data can be analyzed with the help of this software application.

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