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EasyCatalog CS3 can be the one software that is for those users who have been looking for tools to help them at the time of critical publications. This software can help its users in increasing the speed of preparing documents and ensure that the contents remain free from errors. Thus, the users can take date from their database and use it directly to design publications using Adobe InDesign.

EasyCatalog CS3 has emerged as one of the most trusted software solution for database publishing because of its features that has made both powerful and yet flexible at the same time. This database-publishing tool is capable of using data from any source with simple sources such as a file being perfectly capable of working a source for data. Users can use data from these simple sources or use ODBC database as an optional module as their source for data.

The EasyCatalog CS3 database-publishing tool can help its users in making money by printing catalog from their database. This can help them in realizing the full business potential of maintaining a database. They can use this software to publish a lot of other items in addition to catalogs such as price lists, brochures, or directories. Thus, this database-publishing tool can help its users in effortlessly generating various items that can help them in making profit out of their databases.

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