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Eagle eye is basically the student liaison program which can help a teacher to keep track of their students while listing all of their information in one application. Keeping track of a class full of students is not at all an easy task and that is what the Eagle eye software does with high amount of precession and efficiency. Eagle eye can be fully utilized to gather all around information about one student, which can be proven to be helpful in the future aspects from the viewpoint of the student.

Eagle eye software has been developed with only one objective and that is too well managing the students from a teacher’s perspective. This software is specially designed for the educational purpose system involvements through which you can view and manage the classes of a student, his or her parents’ information and many more.

Also, this software has another feature named the homework feature which lets you to view and schedule several different homework and assignments for a particular student. Through this software, you can also chose to schedule a track progress record of every student in a class, by taking an average calculation of all the exams taken and their results being published in grade or number. This software can be run on all Windows OS versions like XP, Vista, 7 and 8 while it consumes only 6MB of hard disk space.


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