Download DBF Comparer

DBF Comparer from Astersoft is a database management tool which you can use to compare different data fields on your database file. Its wizard like interface makes it highly user friendly. DBF Comparer has been designed to work with DBF files like Dbase III and IV, Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, etc.
You can compare your database, analyze and find similarities in data fields.

The program launches with a work log or history window where the project name, the files compared and the date of comparison is recorded; of course for first time launch the fields remain blank. The menu contains New, Clone, Delete and Compare Now options. You can load your two files to be compared using the New button. After the files are loaded you can you can set it use ANSI characters if required by checking the check box. Hit Next and the wizard will ask you to select the required data fields from within the files selected. Then you can go to Compare options and set your comparison parameters; case sensitive data, memo field comparison etc. You can also check deleted records.

Results appear in color codes which indicates the matches. Comparison is done in both logical and physical order. You can generate a new DBF file from the results. It supports command line execution. Works on all platforms of Windows OS.

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