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The DataQualityTools helps a user manage databases with improved business qualities and efficient usage. The central components of the framework consists of a series of functions that will help an user duplicate records, and provides an error-tolerant search base doublet that is purely based on users postal addresses. In the case of a direct marketing structure, these tools will help you avoid any kind of double solicitation and redundant maintenance of customer records like addresses.

The DataQualityTools aims to be a fast and highly automated platform for address comparisons and matching telephone numbers, tax number, customer number, email addresses and other similar criteria. There is an added option to compare blacklists and enhancement of the address values using comparison procedure from another second address book.

There are numerous other additions to tools that help in data management like project histories, matching and deletion of logs, merging or splitting data fields, summary lists, archive files and a variety of others. The DataQualityTools will be compatible with any kind of database file including Access .mdb, Access2007 .accdb, .xls, .dbf, vdb3, ORACLE, Postgre SQL, MySQL and text files.
The DataQualityTools is compatible with Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8 and is available as a shareware. It has been developed by Thomas Hainke.

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