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ClaimGear is a business based software application conceptualized and created by XGear Technologies. This is a very vital and handy software application. It is used as a medical billing software tool. With the help of this software tool, users can manage medical claims and process them very efficiently without wasting any extra time or effort. The medical billing software takes care of huge data related to medical transactions, thereby saving a lot of time.

This software application is a cost saving tool. There are several features packed in this software tool and is of great use. It can enable users to effectively manage a large number of medical providers. Medical billing services can be rendered by accessing multiple user account through a single login credential. It works perfectly with majority versions of the windows operating system. ClaimGear is also functional with Windows 7 and Windows 8 version of the windows operating system. Thus its offers an amazing deal of compatibility to all its users.

This software works systematically and follows all procedures of the claim process with 100 % accuracy. Additionally, users of ClaimGear have access to centralized reporting. They ca also switch between accounts as easily as a clicking a button. This easy to use software application has been designed for both beginners as well as experienced users. Compatible with Windows7/8.

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