Download Basic MS Access Sales and Inventory Database

Basic MS Access Sales and Inventory Database is a simple yet powerful program that will let you administer and manage your small business efficiently. This program has a friendly Sales Order module and also an Invoice Processing module, suitable for small businesses. Any user with clear functional requirements and little organizing skill can very easily understand the application and master it in a few attempts.

The application has very simple to understand screens, which are self explanatory. This application is designed for both taxable and non-taxable businesses, as it has features suiting both. There is provision to set the sales tax for each sales invoice in a flexible manner. The application has provision to select between retail pricing and commercial pricing for a commodity. The program is intelligent to choose the users local currency, date format, and time zone. It also allows the user to opt for any particular value. The data input screens, which are plenty in such applications, are designed in a straight forward manner. It is clear and crisp. There are plenty of other features included in this application such as customer discount, stock levels, etc; which are crucial parameters for small businesses.

Many other business parameters such as variable payment terms, part payments, stage payments, address labels, print invoices as batches, etc are all well defined and detailed in the functional design part of the application. Though this is not a highly complex solution for a business framework, it is not a simple application in terms of its functionality. A user of this application will require some sort of training to well understand the complete functionality. Also the user should have some hands on, in terms of business dealing and terms. Customization and multi-page reporting are other mentionable features provided by this application.

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