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The ApexSQL Enforce is a revolutionary solution that caters to the best practices in the industry and adheres to the customary standards of SQL Server Database enforcements. It is a new tool that empowers the users to create highly complex customary rules with increased power of programming languages like FoxPro Change Case To Proper, Upper, Lower and Sentence Software and C#. the platform provided by the software will let users ensure real time design standard adherence, facilitating upgrades of the new SQL versions by helping identify the potential problems of conversion before porting the database.

Further, it helps in automatically fix or reverse violation done using the FixSQL scripts while ensuring name conventions to ensure that special characters and reverse words are not used. Some of the other features of the software include crash on specifying non, screen refreshing with creation of a new rule base dialogue, invalidated CLI switches, repositioning dialogues flickering, summary removal and detailed options from HTML reports, Open Trace Log and showing of last used database even if they are unavailable.

The ApexSQL Enforce is compatible with Windows 98 / 2000 / XP and is available as a shareware with a 30 days trial period. The platform has been designed and developed by Apex SQL Software.


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