Download ActiveData for Office/SQL

ActiveData for Office/SQL from InformationActive expands the capacity of MS Office products and MS SQL database. It easily integrates with Word, Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, and other applications.

In Excel it leverages its capacity beyond one million row limit and adds many advanced functions. These functions allow you to merge the sheets and compare them. You can run a query, select the desired rows and sort them to suit your needs. Also perform review functions, create sub-total and summary.

You can split and stratify the sheets, sample cells for analysis. It easily detects duplicate entries and finds gap in sequence as in case of check bill numbers. It can run Benfords law to perform analysis, top to bottom and vice versa. You can also perform random monetary sampling.
The SQL tool of the application gives direct access to database servers; obviously MS SQL Server and others like Oracle, DB2, mySQL, Ace (XLSX and ACCDB) and Jet (XLS and MDB). It uses MS OLEDB technology to access the database. Supports automation for COM port and can run scripts with both VBA and VBS scripts. Supports Remote Desktop, Citrix and Terminal Server. Runs on all latest version of Windows OS including 7 & 8.

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