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Wunderlist 2 is the next version of the much popular Titanium built task manager. The software has always been a favorite among men right from its initial days. It’s quite apparent from the speed, design, web version and the features on offer that the team Wunderkit had been well invested. The software has turned out to be a better version of its previous self and is rightfully known as an excellent task manager. Few of the things that make it exceptional include Facebook integration, filtered lists, online syncing and a unified interface across different devices.

Wunderlist 2 is now beyond being a to-do list and is the most complete application that has ever been. Though the apps run in mediocre environments on most mobiles and tablets, it makes sharing and collaborating, smooth, making the users want to have the Wunderlist app all the more. The native design of the software makes it easier for the users to navigate through and is very clear. The shrinking window of the app allows the sidebar to appear and disappear depending upon the need of the user. This comes in handy when the app is in use, in a small window. Its interface can be separated into three parts, with the top bar featuring an icon with the username, a new activity center housing the search bar, and the sidebar with options for creating lists and the main panel.

The previous version of the software was known for its simplicity and Wunderlist 2 tries to walk in the shoes of its predecessor. The new version not only allows the users to add tasks to the list, but fine tune the same by adding sub-tasks  notes and reminders. Again, these exist in all the versions of Wunderlist 2 and can be synchronized using ones account. The software allows users to share the lists over Facebook and invite them through email. Wunderlist 2 is a freeware and is meant for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac platforms.

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