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Ultra Hal Assistant is a 3D model character given a perfect 3D human shape which can be installed on your desktop for personal work involvements. Basically, the Ultra Hal Assistant works as digital secretary staying on your desktop in helping you for managing and scheduling your appointments and meeting involvements. Acting up just like your secretary while keeping track for all your personal and work related involvements but in a digital format.

Ultra Hal Assistant can be chosen to be a 3D human model- both male and female depending on your personal preferences. This digital secretary will record every meeting and appointment involvement and will remind you of the involvements, time to time. Also, this program can be used as a very intuitive and user friendly software which can surf the internet, manage your files, start and shut various Windows programs, just on your command. Keeping address book and phone book alongside of dialing several different phone numbers from your phone book can also be managed with Ultra Hal Assistant. This software provides a 3D human graphic model on your desktop, which will make you wander if it was in real.

All of these works can be done with the help of Ultra Hal Assistant easily while commanding in just simple language platform set which is basically English. This program even consists of a voice recognition program through which you can dictate any document instated of typing it. This program will eventually do the work of a secretary and that too very efficiently. This program consists of a huge conversational database and thus you can talk to this 3D virtual secretary on any topic you want.

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