Download Copy2Contact

While surfing the internet, often we find piece providing crucial information. We do not find the proper tool to copy that information. For this purpose, there is a software called Copy2Contact which can help you to copy that important information to your system from the internet. The interface of this program is unique and to understand the use properly you need to see the Help menu.

If you want to activate it, you just need to highlight some piece from the internet and just hit the CTRL+C twice. The highlighted text will be seen in the software window and you can choose the information and paste it as a Contact or Event or Task in Outlook. Also you can create sticky note for the Desktop.

This program is not a perfect program because you need to use the 45 day trial period to figure out which option is best for each type of information. Those who are constantly copying and pasting information from the internet can get help with this program. For cataloging, this is a very helpful tool. If you are thinking of using it, you may go for it without any hesitations because most people have given positive review on it.

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