Download Photo Calendar Creator

Photo Calendar Creator comes with 115 template designs, with 172 background images and 108 clipart pictures. With these you can create a calendar that would sit on your desk, fit into your pocket or hang on your wall. The templates have different font, colors and images to customize design. Some places have images already in place and other spaces can be used for you to import pictures. The images imported can be cropped, added with frames and so on.

Photo Calendar Creator allows you to add caption to your photos, and the software automatically adds holiday information for you. You can also add your own holiday and event information's. The software provides an undo button and spell check features that makes the system quite robust. It has designs for wall, desk and pocket calendars. The calendars can be monthly weekly or annual.

The designs are organized by calendar type as well as the orientation on the paper, whether it is vertical or horizontal. There are several printing options to choose from. With which you can create wall calendars to small cards for your wallet. You can even save your calendar as a JPEG, BMP, TIFF or PDF files. Thousands of people across the globe have laid hands upon the same and seem pretty happy with its features.

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