Download Axis School Bell

Axis School Bell is a school or college bell as mentioned in its name works in a robotic manner. This very tool is developed and presented by Lucent Axis and the system comes up with a file size of 212.08 MB. The operating systems that are well matched with this particular software are Windows 2000/7/8/Vista/XP, Windows Me and Windows Server 2008/2003.

As we have already said the function of the tool is clear by its name. The Axis School Bell plays echo at the specified times that are set according to the School’s or college’s norms. It is featured with the facility that can make different sounds for different or special events. In fact this very system is able to control the sounds as well. The Axis School bell does not need constant supervision. It can automatically plays sound when the real time gets equal to the bell time and then get minimized. This bell is featured with an embedded Time clock that helps it to track the real time.

Incorporating the Axis School Bell into the system is indeed a fruitful decision. Since it works robotically you do not need to start or stop and at the same time as it gets automatically minimized, does not hamper any running task.

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