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Xbriage Financial Software helps in journal bookkeeping by using the system of double entry accounting. Unlike other financial applications, this software’s features are not hidden in the Menu. This software is designed so as to accommodate every feature inside a workbook. Xbriage Financial Software was published by the software developing company ‘Xbriage’ on October 2008. It is a very popular accounting and billing software since it is released in the market.

Xbriage Financial Software enables dragging of workbooks onto the computer screen. It can then be saved for viewing and for simple workspace modifications. With the automatic updating of this software application, new workbook gets added and the old ones are modified. This feature of the Xbriage Financial Software enables an effortless approach to the accounting needs. Its powerful restore and backup facilities offer great help to the user. It also supports online banking.

Xbriage Financial Software is extremely easy to use with the flexible and user friendly interface. It has great compatibility with several Windows operating systems like the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 95 and Windows Vista. Users can try this tool with the free 30-day trial version available before buying online. It does not include any form of virus.