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StockQuoter is a popular business software program designed and developed by Biu Software which provides Accounting and Billing related works for you. It is an efficient portfolio manager software program. As the name suggests, this application program is capable of providing daily stock market related information and allows you to download periodic stock market information with historical stock market quotes. This software program takes the sole responsibility to keep you updated with current stock market situation. StockQuoter will allow you to download historical stock, mutual funds data, currency and index from yahoo absolutely free. It will charge you nothing for providing you these vital information from different stock exchanges. Using those information you will be able to effectively create your tickers list.

StockQuoter has been specifically designed and developed for providing dynamic stock market information to stock brokers and investors, so that they can make secured investment. Before actually investing purchasing and selling shares, you need to have complete idea of current stock market situation. This will help you to earn maximum profit. StockQuoter helps you a lot to keep yourself updated with stock market situation. It generates reports related to stock market which are compatible with technical analysis and charting software programs. The best feature of this application is that, it charge's nothing for providing you all vital information of stock markets.

This software program is only compatible with Windows operating systems. For installation you need to have any operating system from the given list: Windows 8/7, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. No additional support is required for installation. After the installation you will be able to keep yourself updated with stock market variations through this amazing application. It also provides the facility of offline portfolio management. The user friendly interface makes this application more simple to use and manage.

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