Download SmartFax 2002 Professional

SmartFax 2002 Professional is powerful software designed and developed by RingCentral for upgrading your windows application with the Fax Enabled features. This software enables you to easily send, receive, and broadcast faxes.  You can also scan and organize faxes in a methodical manner using this software. The tool is designed to have integration with all the windows application using the photo realistic interface provided in this application. There are many possibilities provided by this tool to fax. You can either print, type in the Quickfax interface, or just drag a file which you want to fax over the icon of the fax machine provided by this tool. Apart from supporting the fax option, this tool also provides multiple editing and environmental features to make you fax message important and attractive.

There is a cover page editor that provides you multiple cover page formats for you to select from, or even design your own cover page.  The fax editor provided by this tool allows you to sign and annotate your faxes with your personal identification. The scan and fax option of this tool allows you to scan, personalize the scans with your sign, and fax the hardcopy pages of books and documents in an easy and simpler manner. The tools notification feature and the setting of the forward rules ensure that you never miss an important fax.  The fax scheduler offered by this tool allows you to set the fax timing so that you can save lots of money by sending unimportant faxes at off peak hours. This tool has great integration with all Windows products.

The tool can make use of Outlook express parameters such as address book and contact list for fax addresses. There is also a feature to make the incoming faxes appear directly in the inbox. The tool supports to send multiple faxes instantly and auto print of the incoming faxes. There is a preview window to view the fax messages.  The FineReader feature available with this tool helps you to convert hard copy documents or faxes in to electronic text documents easily. This tool even allows you to convert these in to other Microsoft documents in a easy manner.  The free to try version of this tool is available for a period of fifteen days. As expected, this tool is designed for all the Microsoft Operating system flavors.

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