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QuotesTK Professional is the software program, which is used by the investors, who look for quick accessing of the free and historical stock quotes. It is the software, specially designed with various powerful tools and options. This helps you in getting the best results regarding the concerned matter. At the same time, the software can also be used with ease. Fast and efficient are two of the terms that go with the performance of the software. It has numerous functionalities to satisfy all your requirements regarding the stock quotes.

By the help of the QuotesTK Professional, the user can download the quotes fast, easily and securely. The indices can be automatically updated while the latest securities lists are downloaded. This helps in highlighting the security additions and the delisted securities. The quotes can be downloaded in the format of ASCII.csv. The quotes have the listings according to the categories such as open, date, high, low, volume and close. The quotes can also be imported to various charting applications which are popular. Also, the whole of the data can be adjusted back for the dividends and the splits. The multi threading capabilities of the software allow you to start the analytical research fast enough.

The software named QuotesTK Professional is compatible with the operating systems such as the Windows 7 and 8. The other Windows operating systems like 2000, XP, Vista and 2003 are also compatible with the software. It can be easily availed from the online platform. The downloading and the installation process are as fast as you can expect. There are a few simple additional requirements, which help the software run smoothly on your system. The cost price of the software is very economical as far as the amazing features are concerned. Secured downloading process can also be enjoyed.