Download Quick Crystal Report Viewer

Crystal Reports is, basically, a business intelligence software application that has been designed to generate reports by extracting data from various sources. Quick Crystal Report Viewer is a Windows platform based application that is intended to help you manage and view these reports, created by the formerly mentioned application. With this utility managing your RPT files would no longer be a hassle; your task of managing your reports would be easily and conveniently taken care of. In fact, the publishers claim that this is one of the best and most important tools that every Crystal Report user must possess.

Designed and developed by MKJ Business Services, this tool is integrated with several significant features that make it an ideal utility to possess. You can list all your reports as a library; this makes it easy and quick to browse through, find, execute, or use any report that you need. Maintaining a personal library of all your required reports also makes it easy to implement batch runs for the reports in your list as well as run any specific reports either to multiple files or on to your screen. The tool also offers the option to automatically set various parameters for your reports to speed up their processing time.

You can also create groups for your reports and the categorize them based on various criteria. This again makes their management easier and faster. You can avail this tool on a free trial basis for a limited duration of 15 days, which however comes with limited functionalities. The implementation of this tool requires a .NET Framework. This application does not require Crystal Report license for implementation. You can view the reports either in this tool or even export it in any compatible format for viewing with other tools. You can implement this tool in Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions.

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