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QIF Viewer is a tool specifically designed for you to view your financial and related QIF reports. This viewer tool has taken in to consideration the financial aspect of report formats and can be used to display the statements in a proper manner. This tool allows you to download a report file from a standard financial institution and view it seamlessly. It can also be used to read exported reports from applications like Microsoft Money, Quicken application, or similar financial oriented ones.

The tool is specifically designed to display the columns as present in the file, as per the financial reporting format. Hence this tool helps you see only those pertinent columns of interest, which are of importance to you. The most important feature of this tool is that it does not distort the alignment necessary for the financial reporting format. The file size is very moderate and occupies less than 300 KB of hard disk space.

It can run on all Windows operating system flavors such as Win 95, 98, 7, win2K, XP, Me, and Windows Vista. It is a free to install software and has been published by Ed Markovich. Though this tool provides a simple feature to view files of financial format, this tool removes lots of frustration for those in financial and accounting field, where they need to view reports according to some specific format as required in the financial field. This makes viewing such reports easier and helps the user to refer and find out important parameters in their reports with ease.

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