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Omega Enterprise Manager is the accounting software that offers business houses with a complete solution to manage business activities efficiently. It keeps track of all office employees including suppliers, customers, creditors, inventories, finance and many more. With this software the user can have all reports and the latest updates without seeking help from professionals and accountants. Omega Enterprise saves quite a lot of money for the user. It was published by the software developer ‘Omega Expert’ on January 2009. This billing and accounting software has trusted compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista. It continues to be very popular among small and medium sized businesses.

With Omega Enterprise Manager the user can track down all business reports within minutes. The user can have the reports on the number of business orders received and paid with just few clicks, can find out the percentage by which the company profits have gone up, can view employee details with their schedules,can make sales reports, find out operating cost reports and other data. Reports on the suppliers include detailed information on them including details of inventories or services supplied so that they can be easily tracked down if required in future. Omega Enterprise Manager has a database that keeps a constant check on all users. Separate reports are created on problematic debtors. All reports can be e-mailed to business partners if required.

Omega Enterprise Manager is extremely easy to use even by any non-tech savvy person. With the easy guidelines and steps it can be operated without any professional help. Thus installation charges are saved. It is 100% clean and does not include any form of virus, malware or spyware. Omega Enterprise can be experienced with the free trial version that is available for a period of 15 days. Once satisfied the user can buy it online.

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