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OFX Reader is a handy software program developed by Big Red Consulting. It is a Business Software used for applications in business. This is Microsoft Excel integrated software. OFX Reader enables its user to import OFX files into Excel with ease. It recognizes OFX, QFX and QBO file formats. These files usually contain data sets such as bank investment statement, debit/credit card transactions, etc. This software enables direct link between the financial institutions server and the customer as apart of its communication process.

OFX Reader is highly compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and very easy to install. This software permits you to import OFX, QBO and/or QFX files in Excel. Additionally, the data file containing statement of transactions also needs to be imported in order to change it into a different format through Excel. The data are displayed in a systematic register arrangement with columns and rows once it is imported for user friendly viewing.

The OFX Reader tool enables credit card, savings and checking and investment/stock accounts along with 401K and other relevant account downloads through retirement. This software tool functions best with Windows Excel 2000-2010. With the help of this software, the user can have easy and quick access to personal financial records at any point of time required in a systematic manner.

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