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myIPs Unlimited is a unique and innovative tool designed for automating the management of IP addresses thus enhancing the efficiency of this task. It makes assignment of IP addresses easier and thus helps the administrator reducing his effort. Network administrators are often found struggling with spreadsheets and text files for the management and tracking of IP addresses. A very useful tool worth trying today!

The program works to automatically assign hostname and IP addresses based on the locations you select. It also lets you track information like LAN ID, address and hostname for any equipment. You can easily assign dedicated addresses to each client machine in the network. The program is capable of detecting illegal IP addresses. You can also perform network scan with this tool. You can set naming standards and IP address scheme for the network. Critical IPs can be automatically monitored by this application.

The database of the program is very flexible and offers you various functions for making your task easy. Adding, editing and deleting information is a breeze. You can backup and restore the database and even change the directory easily. It is even searchable so that you can quickly find the required info. The reports are designed to give you detailed information based on date, location or other fields. Use them to analyze your network and stay on the top of it. IP address management was never so easy before. Download this helpful tool today and see how it makes your job quicker and efficient.

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