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Medoxis is a helping hand for physicians and allows them to spend maximum time with their patients rather than typing the records and printing. This software makes important data and information available to doctors anywhere and at any time they want. Licenced as Shareware, Medoxis has a size of 15.23 Mb and is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

Doctors don’t have to waste their time working with transcriptions as all important information is stored in a DataFile which is dynamic and can be accessed from any external drive. With a user-friendly and easy to use interface, Medoxis is flexible and works efficiently. A single window provides all important information regarding a patient. Medoxis have several types like Dynamic Lists Medoxis, Statistics Medoxis and Image Documents Medoxis. Dynamic Lists Medoxis basically is a drop down lists storing previously fed information regarding patient’s medicines, complaints, insurances, diagnosis report which can be used later on. Second one is Statistics Medoxis includes statistical reports that provide information regarding patient’s condition. The third type of Medoxis is Image Documents Medoxis that includes patient’s images, documents and x-rays which can be imported and exported.

The records stored in Medoxis are much more accurate and elaborate. This documentation system works on the principle of mobility. Medoxis keeps all medical documents secure and portable and is proving to be of great use to out physicians.

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