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Invest Finance Pro Gold is an effective business software program from Finance Plus. It is actually an Accounting and Billing software program but provides lots more services for effectively managing your finance and investments. The worldwide market is very versatile and fluctuating. The market values of different products hikes and falls unreasonably and affects the global market values. Investing in this dynamic situations becomes quite difficult for traders and requires much expertization in the field. Invest Finance Pro Gold is an application program which is capable of doing investment related jobs for you. The motivation of designing this kind of application was to provide investors a flexible solution to all investment related issues. Invest Finance Pro Gold provides you all necessary tools to optimize your finance, investments and profit ratio.

Invest Finance Pro Gold has been developed specially for worldwide stock market investors for providing hassle free and comfortable investment. This application is capable of calculating NPV (net profit value), IRR, MIRR and simple discounted paybacks. This set of data will help you to analyze your present & future investment plans. It will help you a lot to differentiate between different investment plans and choose the best among them. The profitability index, future value and equivalent annuity of different projects are the parameters based on which we differentiate. So you get all the present and future details of your individual investments.

To install Invest Finance Pro Gold on your system, you require Windows operating environment. It is only compatible with Windows operating systems like: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 8/7, Windows Vista, Windows 98/2000 and Windows Me. No additional software support is needed. After the installation you will be able to effectively manage your accounts and investments easily. The user friendly interface provides certain tools which makes the functionality quite more easy.