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GeoDLL is a popular programming software program developed by Killet Softwares. It supports the designing and developement of geodetic applications on different platforms by simply offering geodetic functions. It contains necessary functions of 2D and 3 Dimensional coordinate transformations, geodetic datum movement, reference system conversion, user defined reference systems, meridian strip shifting, distance calculations, NTv2 handling, digital elevation model, direct & inverse solution and effective map functions. Its geodetic function library provides coordinate transformations of worldwide 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional systems. GeoDLL's most unique feature is, you can include professional coordinate transformations in your own programs. The supported systems are: Reference system of European Union, ETRS89 European system, SPCS and North American Continents, NTv2 coordinate system, BeTA2007 & germen Federal States and user defined coordinate systems.

GeoDLL is a very unique and efficient software program which provides all necessary controls and tools to design and develop 2D & 3D ordinate systems. This software program works with many programming languages like C, C++, VC++ etc. It also provides the necessary tools to interface it with Microsoft office programs. As GeoDLL has been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with C++ code, its execution is fast and stable. The features of multithreading enhances the performance to its peak.

The installation of GeoDLL requires Windows operating environment as it is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio. GeoDLL is compatible with Windows 8/7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT/Me and Windows 95/98. No additional support is needed. The interactive user interface allows you to efficiently develop software applications for geodetic. The interface makes your job quite simple. You can easily link your C, C++, Java, C#, Delphi, MS Access and Visual Basic codes to any Geodetic application. The performance factor increases with efficient coding. Hence GeoDLL is a fantastic application program for developing 3rd party software’s.

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