Download EasyPos – Point of Sale

Setting up a business can be a matter of time and requires considerable effort, money and revolutionary business ideas. It is a tough task which requires expertise in the area and is not everybody’s cup of tea. But setting up a virtual business is very easy since the advent of EasyPos – Point of Sale. It is a great software which comes from the house of Kro4Pro, a software development company which specializes in such utilities for life. Kro4Pro helps users set up a virtual business within minutes and even allows for various customized options according to the needs of the users.

Kro4Pro acts as a virtual cash register and is aptly named point of sale. It acts exactly as one and allows for various functionalities such as calculation of selling prices, adjustable VAT percentages, cost price of goods, profit and loss amounts depending on the cost and sales prices, discount allowed on various goods, inventory and stock and control and much more. It maintains detailed databases of the transactions made and helps the users get print outs of the particular invoices and other important documents. Kro4Pro is a great tool for this purpose and is the number one choice for many who are involved in this business.

With the following interesting features incorporated into the software, Kro4Pro promises to be the best in its category: it has a great user friendly interface which helps users get the best out of it, it incorporates the best features of a market like creation of important documents like invoices, journals, ledgers and many more, it maintains records of the inventory and stock of the company and thus helps in predicting sales, it maintains the database of the company’s assets in a neat and clean manner. With all these in line, it certainly is the best of its kind.

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