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For a company, one of the most important points to keep in mind would be monitoring its data security, in order to flourish itself. With the advancement of technology, increase of internet hacking and malware, it has become quite essential to maintain high level of security for the storage of all important data. The reputation cost for any organization would be enormous, if it happens to be loose security leading to the loss of data of the company’s value chain. So to take care of all the cons of data theft, Devicepro is an innovative solution that guarantees safety and ensures a secured platform for managing the ultimate endpoints of the business environment.

Devicepro help us to determine which mobile storage media suits the network, what are the ports that are usable or what are the files that can be exchanged with the external media. The main features of Devicepro that makes it highly user friendly among its users are its flexibility in access settings, time management and total support for the mobile users. With all this advanced features of Devicepro it becomes easy for any company to meet its legal or other internal compliance without fail. It also provides complete offline support to its users without internet connection.

Devicepro itself is extremely self explanatory and requires minimum training for its usage. The clear instruction allows the user to understand the steps and install it with the few clicks of the mouse. Also users need not restart their computers or get online to upgrade their user rights. Devicepro is fully password protected and in case of suspected theft of data it is clearly detectable what are the files that have been tried to access and by whom and when. So in order to protect and ensure the safety of your company’s data Devicepro is an unbeatable solution!