Download ColorNote Notepad Notes for PC Windows

ColorNote Notepad Notes for PC Windows is a simple PC application. All notes could be organized by color. It also has a sticky note widget. You can create your own shopping list and the check list notes for To-Do-List. There is also a separate GTD or Get Things Done list, which is a important feature of the app.

There is a note in calendar and you can organize the schedule. The privacy of the notes is prioritized here. All notes can be protected by a password. All backup notes could also be secured. Both online backup and sync is supported. The notes could also be synced between other services.

You can search for notes and it could view with grid and status bar. Color Dict Add on is also supported by the notepad. The reminder is also very powerful. You can set an all day time alarm and lunar calendar repetition. There are also wiki notes link available in this software.

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