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Cashmdisp is the latest billing and accounting software tool that helps in dispatching cash in an easy and fast method so that the cash can be handled from a single to more than twenty revenue sources. This software ensures safety by dispatching the cash to some trusted location that can be the company’s vault or bank. It reduces tension for the cash manager considering the safety of the cash in hand. Cashmdisp was published by the software developer ‘CashDispatcher Cash Manager Software’ in the year October 2011. The release of this software has been a huge success in the market since then.

The accountant can make the entries of several cash transactions on a daily basis so that all transactions are kept up to date. The user can have efficient and fast handling of the cash with the special tools of Cashmdisp software. Up to six currencies can be counted by the user. Also amounts on any non cash instruments like the checks can be verified like what amount needs to get deposited against the amount that is counted. The special built in features of this software minimizes errors of data entries and the user can view the data till date. The accountant or user can create multiple numbers of files for easy handling of daily revenue or for forecasting or budgeting purposes. Cashmdisp enables creating different files in many different circumstances.

Cashmdisp is available with two different versions. One for the Monday-Sunday version which is ISO certified and the other comes with Sunday-Saturday version. The first version can be tried with the demo available with a trial period of 20days. Cashmdisp is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 2000, XP and Windows Vista. It does not contain any form of viruses or spyware and is considered to be 100% clean.

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