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Capital office is a software fully integrated for business processes and accounting systems. This software has been designed and developed by Capital Office Business Software. It is a premium business management software which has its utility in various aspects of business. Being a multiple task business software, it is used for processes such as controlling the inventory, managing the warehouse, wholesale activity, distribution process, accounting and costing of jobs, managing services and looking after the rent/hire deals. It covers majority of the financial processes that are vital to business organization such as book keeping and ledger maintenance, managing cash flows and many more.

Capital Office is easily compatible with Windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems and hence can be used widely across windows compliant systems. This software comes with an optimized solution basket which covers most of the essential business management related activities. Generic in nature yet very essential for businesses, such activities are easily managed by this software. Activities like scanning and packing, bar coding, stock management and control, managing the warehouse, forecasting activities, automated purchases, catalogue designer, e commerce, point of sale, BAS, GST, manufacturing activities, assembling process, export and import related activities, price quoting, sales, tracking serial number, landed costing and commodity related detailed activities such as batch,  size, colour, style format, etc. are smoothly enabled by this software.

With so many added features and multipurpose functionality, Capital office Business Software is definitely a must for businesses operating in various industrial sectors. It comes with a user friendly interface and hence is not at all difficult or complicated to use. Upgrades and changes in the software do not affect any stored data and hence there are no threats of potential data loss. Capital Office Business Software is wise choice for enhancing business processes. With its modern and up to date interface, it is a creative software to work on.

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