BePunctual Manager Station

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BePunctual Manager Station is a business software application conceptualized and created by Aquarius Soft. This software is of great significance for businesses sized small and large and operating across various domains. With the help of this software, managers or team leaders can conveniently keep a continuous vigil on employee timings and attendance. And the best feature of this software is that it enables the user to operate from any location through his/her computer system. BePunctual Manager Station has been designed in a way such that it saves unnecessary usage of extra time and human effort. This software has been packed with excellent handy features.

The managers and team leaders not only gain remote access through this software but are also enabled to perform a number of important tasks related to employee’s attendance and time schedules. BePunctual Manager Station enables the users to carry out tasks such as managing the employees’ entry and exit punching information, manage employee leaves and also approve or disapprove leave applications, maintain a clean and systematic record of employee’s punctuality and attendance regularity, etc. BePunctual Manager Station allows the user to carry out all of these significant tasks with great ease. Activities such as adding, deleting or editing information can be easily performed with the help of this software.

BePunctual Manager Station has been designed in such a way that it easily functions with most of the windows operating system versions. It is highly compatible with windows 7 and windows 8 versions and is also compatible with various other renowned operating systems. It provides a great deal of flexibility and operational advantage to its users. This software is of great use, especially to produce employee reports with regard to attendance and timing. This helps employers to analyze productivity and derive cost effective solutions accordingly by increasing scope for enhancing individual employee performances.