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Visual Stocks Options analyzer is an accounting and billing software application conceptualized and created by OLSOFT. This software enables the user manager their portfolio data and at the same time analyze it with the given set of tools. Visual Stocks Options analyzer has been designed to help the users to develop innovative trading techniques and strategies along with the feature to test its functionality and at the same time manage the expanding portfolio.  With the help of extended graphical support built within the software, users can draw analysis using charts that can be viewed in 2D and 3D formats. By diverging various important factors such as interest rate, stock prices, uncertainty and other such factors, the users can significantly draw analysis for determining the performance of their fiscal investments on a range estimated price.

The best part of Visual Stocks Options analyzer is that it can easily function with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system.  With the help of this software, users can perform multiple tasks with great ease. A concrete analysis can be drawn by the user before consulting the broker for further requirements. Its user friendly interface enables users of different categories to work without any complications or difficulties. This software enables users to make profitable changes in the integration strategies and easily transfer the data in Microsoft Excel. The graphical tools provided to view charts facilitates a better representation for viewing relation between stock prices and last date for expiry against profit or loss.

Visual Stocks Options analyzer has been designed with an aim to provide vital strategies of making investments and viewing its future potential of being profitable.  By choosing different strategies, Visual Stocks Options analyzer will pool in various choices and options, stocks data and produce charts showing profit and loss for the user’s reference.  This is a very handy and a useful software for investors.


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