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Vanila Biz is a business software program developed by Vanila Biz. Vanila Biz is actually a Accounting cum billing software program which is capable of providing all necessary services needed by any small or medium sized organization for maintaining their accounts and billing departments effectively. It is a low cost and rich featured application program for your organization. The unique features of Vanila Biz includes: multicurrency support, budgeting controls, GL/AR/IC/SO/PO/AP services, account allocations, inventory adjustments, price listing, matrix pricing and sales promotion kind of effective services. All the above mentioned services and tools make the accounts and billing related works in your organization quite simple and help you to utilize man power purposefully.

Vanila Biz application program has been specifically designed to meet the service requirements of small and medium sized organizations with small business processes and budget. But it will provide all the services that you would need to effectively manage your business processes. It provides multi level sub accounts and LIFO/FIFO cost methods for efficient costing and accounting. The negative stock features and min-max item stock per warehouse allows to manage stocks with products easily. With Vanila Biz application you can manage order quantity, item substitution, assembling and physical count. It also offers different order templates. For effective sales promotion it provides step discounting facilities.

The installation of Vanila Biz is very simple. It is compatible with only Windows operating systems. So you have to create Windows operating environment on your system for Vanila Biz. The compatibility list includes: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. No additional support is needed for successful installation. The item categories and customer groups offers modularity in business processing. You can effectively manage sales targets, price adjustments, purchase requisitions and receipt entries for your accounts department. The intuitive user interface makes all these jobs very simple to execute.

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