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Developed by Advanced Trading Research Inc, True Trends charts is one of those software that actually helps people in keeping track of the share market. When investing in the field of intraday market, one has to be watchful of the changes and it is software like True Trends Charts that can help you in keeping an eye on the movement in the share market. It is compatible with all versions of windows and has a file size of nearly 16 MB which means that it will not take a lot of disk space.

The main use of this software is to give real time snapshot of the intraday market. It helps in spotting the intraday over value as well as undervalue for major market index. The charts are loaded with a lot of features and facilities as one can find reasons as to why the market has shifted in direction randomly. It also shows the different random levels and even the historical support in the intraday market. This software can also help in ascertaining as to whether the current moves in the market are false and at the same time, one can also find out the likelihood of the move reversing back. Compatibility with Windows 7/8/XP.

No doubt, the True Trends Chart software has turned out to be popular because one can collect a lot of information with the use of the software. The algorithms that are used are efficient as they work upon the lag and trend indication problem unlike other similar software that fail miserably in this field. The fact that it displays data in real time as and when it comes is one of the biggest advantages of this software.

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