Download Tithe

Tithe is an accounting and billing related software application designed and developed by ChurchWare. Churches across the globe collect donations and offerings from the community for the well-being. Tracking this donation amount is a very important and crucial task. Tithe is one such software application which has been programmed to track such donations and pledges which are received from all the people acting as supporters. It is of utmost importance that the amount collected through donations be tracked and shown as to how it is going to be used for the betterment of the society. Hence Tithe enables users to generate a range of reports which is not only useful for the treasurer of the church management but also for the donors. These reports also prove to be useful for purposes related to income tax.

The best feature of Tithe software application is that it is easily compatible with all the versions of windows operating system, especially with major versions such as windows 7 and windows 8. This software is also compatible with other renowned operating systems like MAC. Hence this software offers a great deal of operational and functional flexibility to its users. Tithe has been termed as one of the most efficient donation tracking system.

This software was first released in the year 1988 and since then has been a promising tool delivering quality and accurate results. There are many simple yet powerful features embedded in this software application. One such feature enables the user to customize reports as per individual preferences. This can be done through an end user reporting feature. Important information can be easily transferred to Excel and other file formats. Pledges and accounts that are non-deductible can also be kept a record of by using Tithe. A Canadian receipt option has also been included in this software.