Super Invoice

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Super Invoice is a invoicing program that provides you an inexpensive way of creating invoices for your business. This flexible program is intended to make the task of invoicing fast and easy for any type of business and user. It allows user defined columns so that one can design invoice suiting one's requirements to the best. It stands as one of the most useful business software tools designed to make the job of business owners easier. Business tools are an inevitable part of any organization. You find variety of options in the market each catering different needs with the features and functions it comes with.

With a support for images,the program allows including company logo in the invoice. Fast keyboard handling makes typing the invoice contents quick hence creating invoices faster. It is capable of maintaining lists of prices, products and customers. It also supports creating catalog photos. The built in invoice templates make the task easier. You can modify the templates and add to them to make invoices of your choice. The user defined columns let you customize the invoice to suit your business. Invoice side notes can be created using user defined data. Adding items is so easy with its simple interface.

The program handles tax and discounts too. Shipping is also allowed to facilitate required invoicing. Once you create the invoices, you can either send them as emails or attach as image. You can even print the invoices or price lists using the program. The reporting feature of the tool provides you useful sales and products information that let you analyse your business performance.