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Stock Sector Monitor is a popular business software program designed and developed by Ashkon Technology for providing Accounting and Billing services to individuals. In the present market situation, investing in stock markets requires good knowledge of market values and share values. To invest in stock markets you need to have complete information about share values and current market conditions. To monitor these all activities in stock market you need certain software solutions, which will provide you all necessary information and every single detail of current stock prices. With this complete information in your pocket you are able to invest in this dynamic stock market. Stock Sector Monitor is an application which is qualified enough to provide you every bit of stock market details with several other useful information.

Stock Sector Monitor has been developed for supporting individual investors in stock market evaluation works. This application enables you to monitor almost 200 stock sectors and 7000 public organizations listed on NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. The features include: instant updates, portfolio management, asynchronous data transferring, printable stock reports and easy to use. Including all these features it also provides daily top gainers and losers in each stock markets. The instant stock quotes and percentage change in stock valuations are the services which keep you updated always and allow you to invest securely in stock markets.

For successful installation of Stock Sector Monitor on your system, you require Windows operating environment which provides the platform. It is compatible with: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Me and Windows NT. No other requirement is there. After the completion of installation it provides an intuitive user interface where working becomes so easy. This application will automatically interact with your internet connection and uses the pre specified links to fetch the required data from different stock exchanges.

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