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The SimpleInvoicer for QuickBooks turns out to be a extensive solution for the electronic documents such as the creation of landing bills, orders, invoices and the exchange of data between the businesses. The software is based on Oasis UBL 2.0 standard where the SimpleInvoicer handles the electronic documents related to business in any of the accounting, ERP and CRM system. The software offers a complete ordering and invoicing solution for the business.

The software helps in the creation and exchange of electronic documents like the OASIS. The CRM environment could include anyone among the SAP, SAGE, Infor, QuickBooks, Microsoft dynamics etc. Te software makes it easy to integrate the software with the present standards and existing solutions from various ERP packages. The application extends simply the capability of working with the documents related to electronic businesses.This software is compatible with windows 7/8/XP.

The software can inherently generate the PDF documents alongside the UN recommended layouts. The documents can be electronically signed where the transactions can be made easily through one among the numerous means. The software offers a potentially shortened payment cycle for easier usage. Overall, the solution is a nice alternative that offers a handy utility related to payment control and invoicing through the electronic documents.

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