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payACH is the software that allows users to initiate ACH transactions straight from their computers. Enterprises of any size can make use of this tool to pay their employees, pay taxes or can even collect any recurring fees. As all transactions are made electronically, it saves time for the user. payACH also allows conversion of paper checks to electronic transactions directly from web sales. It supports all debit and credit transactions made through NACHA. This software was published by the software developing agency ‘Brinkman Technologies’ on October 2003. It is an extremely popular software tool for billing and accounting purposes among organizations of all sizes since its release.

payACH is popular among financial institutions and companies throughout Puerto Rico, Guam and United States. With its efficient features, this software tool serves a large variety of accounting needs. It can process grouped credit and debit transactions like deposit of payroll, any membership dues or payment of monthly loans. The software supports Professional and Standard payACH versions so as to meet a variety of processing requirements. It can efficiently handle ACH transactions of multiple enterprises at the same time. Its export features include encryption facility for secured delivery to the user’s bank account. payACH ensures security of data by enabling password facility for all its users. Users can process transactions globally by providing a date range that helps both multiple and single batch. All weekly, monthly and quarterly transactions can be tracked easily and any data can be added or edited if necessary.

payACH is compatible with several Windows operating systems like the Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows 2000. It has a simple and user friendly interface. This software is clean and does not contain any form of virus, spyware or malware. Users can try this tool with the free trial version available.

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