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Management is a highly valued skill in today’s world and that includes financial management for finances make up a large part of the business network and for this purpose Membership Pro Finance plays a very important role in the lives of those involved. Membership Pro Finance was developed by Coon Creek Software, a major developer of software in this category and needless to say it had done a fine job developing this wonderful piece of tool. The basic objective of this software is to provide assistance to the user with respect to the finances of small and medium scale institutions such as clubs and churches. Membership Pro Finance lends a helping hand to the users and helps them keep track of each and every single penny earned or spent in the name of the institution. It integrates itself into the Membership Pro database and allows them to customize the options according to their needs. It manages the finances under heads such as income, expenditure, contributions, pledges and dues. Its huge database contains detailed information about all such data from the past five or so years and it can also make comparisons for the sake of the development of the institutional finances. It also contains facilities which allow it to print checks in seven different styles, all of which are compliant with the current market standards. It takes care of the calculations of taxes and other such deductions automatically, allowing the institution to work seamlessly. Membership Pro Finance packs in the following powerful characteristics under the bonnet which make it one of the most sought after software in its category: its compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8, small installation size helps it to become one of the most favored since it overcomes the problem of system requirements, user friendly interface and functionalities help it to become more so.