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It becomes a challenging job for the daily customers to keep track of the changes that their favorite products go through every day and to aid them in this particular aspect, KevShop has been developed. Kevshop is the brainchild of KevTools, a giant in the field of designing and developing accounting and billing software and similar products which prove to be essential utilities in the day to day lives of the people. The software has been primarily designed to aid the users in keeping track of the daily changes in prices of their favorite goods and to compare their prices from different stores all over the place.

KevTools incorporates a host of features which prove very essential when it comes to comparing the prices of goods found in different stores along with the statistics related to the sale of the products. Data about various other fields such as the stock of the goods, the taxes associated with the products, the best deals offered by the various stores at any point of time and many others. The advanced programming and algorithms associated with the software makes it one of the most advanced tools in this field. It even allows the users to directly connect to the printer and hence print the details of the products, but not before sorting them out in proper lists as is found necessary by them.

The following extraordinary features of KevShop help make it a safe and secure and reliable tool when it comes to keeping up with the market statistics: compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8, extremely small size required for getting it installed, user friendly interface and easy to use features help it in becoming the tool of choice for many. In short, KevShop proves to be much more than just a software and certainly delivers more than it promises.

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