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iOutgo is an accounting and billing software designed and developed by Hi6000. Hi6000 is a very popular publisher of business software. iOutgo is basically a software program that takes care of the management of the business as well as household finances and helps the users keep track of the income and expenditures on a daily as well as monthly basis. With this software at their disposal, users need not worry about the loss of data regarding the household finances and related details. Managing the household finances is equally important as that of business finances. This software provides a lending hand towards better management of finances.

iOutgo acts as a bookkeeper and helps the users to cut down their daily expenses by constantly displaying the sources of their income and areas of expenditure. This helps the users to plan their expenditure and prepare a definite budget of their spending keeping total income in mind. This software helps to track down the areas of expenses and therefore the users can identify the outflow of money as well as the amount deposited in bank accounts. Hence, iOutgo encourages the users to save a lot of their hard earned money and helps them to spend their money wisely.

iOutgo is very user friendly software and easy to learn and operate. It follows a simple installation process consuming minimum space in hard disk drive. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with no other additional requirements. It is very simple yet handy software with some useful features that helps to track income, expenditure, preparing budgets and thereby helping users save a major part of their income. This software is available in license free model and at a very cheap price in the market. It is very handy software for all kinds of users including businessmen, professionals and householders. 

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