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Icebergo is an unique business software program developed by Icebergo Software’s for providing inventory based billing and accounting services. It is developed in Microsoft Access 2007 and deployed with Microsoft Access runtime. This application software program provides all the necessary tools and controls to effectively manage accounting, billing and inventory requirements of your business. The software program has seven working modules: Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt, Ledger, Statements and Admin. All the seven module collectively work together to provide all essential services required. Icebergo gives a professional & formal look to documents, records and communications. The office style interface of Icebergo helps to work in familiar environment. The user friendly interface allows to register purchases, print purchase orders, sales report, sales transaction, sales bills, inventory control, sales statistics and sales tax calculation.
Icebergo is specially designed to meet the requirement of small and medium sized organizations. Every new user in Icebergo need to login as an Admin using authenticated password. The software program is capable of handling multiple user profiles or accounts. Icebergo's office button (present in left upper corner) gives access to document functions. It provides a counter, calculator and a floating keyboard by default for quick access. The different templates are by default included in this program for providing official look to your documents.

This application software program is highly compatible with Windows operating systems. It is compatible with: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows NT/Me. You also need Microsoft Access (full version) or Microsoft Access Runtime for runtime support. The installation of Icebergo is quite simple and easy. The intuitive user interface makes your job quite more simple. The administrative controls and services provide full authority to effectively manage the working of different modules of your business. Icebergo is an ideal application program for managing Accounting & billing job for your organization.

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