Download Hotel Invoice Template

Hotel Invoice Template software is designed to help small sized hotel industries create well designed and professional looking invoices for their customers. Hotels which do not require fully featured invoicing or accounting system can use this software application. This software enables filling up of invoices quickly, easily and with little technical knowledge. All line item total, sub-total, tax calculation and amount due gets automatically calculated with just a click of the mouse. Hotel Invoice Template was published by the software developer ‘Uniform Software’ on February 2013.

Hotel Invoice Template helps the user to modify any changes in the company information. Customer details and the name of the sales representative can also be added to the invoice. With its simple Microsoft Excel format, the layout can be customized and printed if required. The software offers free templates that contain seven columns comprising the name of the customer, room number, check-in and check-out timing, number of nights stayed in the hotel, price per night and the total amount payable by the customer. It also calculates the service tax payable. Invoices are numbered automatically by this tool.

Hotel Invoice Template is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It is free to download.

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