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Vertex42, the makers of Free Invoice Template, is an entity that specializes in making templates for various aspects of business and accounts management, with MS Excel as their base. This product, as is evident from its name, is intended to help users create invoices with ease and simplicity. Not to mention the economy part of it! You can customize the software as per your individual business requirements, and the best part; you don’t actually need MS Excel, per se, to run the tool! Any application that offers support for Excel spreadsheets would do!!

A freeware utility, you can implement this tool in various Windows platforms such as Windows 2003, 7, XP, and Vista versions. Being small in size, its installation is fast and easy. The tool initially opens up in the Protected mode; however, you can change it to the Edit mode to implement your customizations. In fact, it even offers options to calculate sub-totals and taxes. The tool comes integrated with three different types of invoice templates, and one page that included a Help text page with details on how to use the invoice. You can add your own custom columns and save the invoice of your choice for future use.

This tool claims to be an ideal utility for small businesses, entrepreneurs, contractors, or individual consultants and freelancers who are looking for a simple, economical, and quick way to create a professional invoice for their business requirements. You can create invoices for hourly work, project based work, and even for materials. You can also create hand-made invoices by printing out the templates, after customizing as per your needs. For more information or clarifications regarding the use of this template, you can access the publisher’s web link that has been included in the spreadsheet.

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